549 4 years ago
Thank you to all who have been supportive and encouraging of my learning-how-to-mix journey over this last year!

I'm so sorry that I can't message all of you individually. For some glitchy reason this system won't let me :( 

But your support (yeah, you!!) is sincerely appreciated!!

As for this mix, super fun to have that hip-house, jackin' funk groove blend transition into borderline progressive, with the customary Tom Staar ear-gasmic, get-down happy end!



1 Jump Around (Original Mix) by Sante Cruz
2 Jump (Original Mix) by Richard Grey & Lissat
3 Betty Never Sleeps (Original Mix) by Block & Crown
4 Gotz to Bounce (Original Mix) by Block & Crown
5 Funkosphere (Original Mix) by Peter Brown
6 The Spirit (Extended Mix) by Mighty Mouse
7 Stay Woke (Original Mix) by The Downtown Brothers feat. Balconi
8 Disco Vibes (Everybody) Original Mix by Maurizio Basilotta, DirtyDisco
9 Gypsy Woman (Original Mix) by Maurizio Basilotta
10 Para Bailar (Original Mix) by Dual Beat, Yvaan Back
11 In My Mind (Original Mix) by DJ Dan, Hazzaro
12 You Are My Baby (Original Mix) by Dario Nunez, Les Castizos
13 This is House (Robbie Rivera Extended Mix) by Sted E & Hybrid Heights, Lobos
14 Fire in My Soul (Tom Staar Extended Mix) by Oliver Heldens, Shungudzo



tnx for job...great!

Da Freshmaka
Da Freshmaka

Huge fan of your mixing style & track selection.... AWESOME JOB DJ !!! :-)


Bro I WAS never sure if my messages got through over the years because of glitchy stuff before the website upgrade but I'm am a huge fan of your mixes as well and you have always provided me with inspiration to keep growing, learning, expanding, and enjoying peace brotha!