175 20 days ago
Dance-floor Praise to the House Music Deities of Summer Love, deep-hour get-down vibes, a pinch of Nu Disco, and a nasty Sonic-Overdose Jackin’ House top-off.


1 Yeah Yeah (Original Mix) by Serge Funk
2 Piano Powah (Block & Crown Eivissa Mix) by Adri Block, Chris Marina
3 Beautiful Linda (Extended Mix) by Brazilbeat Sound System, Tony Garcia
4 Unity (Original Mix) by Yolanda Be Cool
5 Testify (Romy Black Remix) by Romy Black
6 Keep It On (T.U.R.F. Remix) by Jerk Boy, Mike Dunn
7 The Change (Original Mix) by Earth n’ Days
8 Discomatic (Original Mix) by Da Funk Junkies
9 Disco Revenge 2021 (CASSIMM Remix) by Sean Finn
10 Around the Disco (Original Mix) by Disco Gurls
11 Control by Dante Tom
12 Loop 125 by Molins
13 Jack is Back (Original Mix) by DC Soundsystem


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