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Middelburg - South Africa
Errtu Ehd was introduced to EDM in the mid 90's, mostly Techno, Hard House and Trance. He never really got into mixing until 2007 when he started playing around on mixing programs i.e. Mixmeister and Ableton. Most of what he does on his mixing is done by ear and being around other DJ's. He doesn't play a specific genre but instead allows the music to lead him and his aim with his mixes are to take the listeners or dancers on a musical journey and leave them feeling fulfilled after a set.

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Disco-Frisco Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Thanks for tuning in Eddie...big respect to ya :)

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BrianBeatz Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hey buddy, good to see you :)We gotta hook up again for some tunage Hey.. laters :)