133 2 months ago
6 hours of minimal deep tech exclusively for DJ.Gepoc

Mixed by DJ.Gepoc in
Pannonia Ultimate Rec.
Studio 2022.Thanks for


1 Split Mode (Original Mix) by Brandub, Saenz
2 Commin' Home (Original Mix) by Stanny Abram
3 Brookground (Original Mix) by Toomas
4 Planet Groove (Original Mix) by DJOKO
5 Jacksing (Original Mix) by Carlos A
6 Double Play (Extended Mix) by Carlo Gambino
7 Early In The AM (Original Mix) by LewRaz
8 Silky (Original Mix) by Ramin Rezaie
9 No Mixer (Original Mix) by Late Replies
10 Mogora (Politics Of Dancing & Sam Haskin Remix) by Stephan Bazbaz, Alessio Viggiano
11 Cause And Effect (Original Mix) by Alfred Diaz
12 Spicebox by Claude Debussy
13 Datos Erroneos (Original Mix) by Jizz
14 Spotter (Original Mix) by Nolon
15 Avoroots (Original Mix) by Cromwell T
16 Siente El Rhythm (Original Mix) by Morpei
17 Emphesis (Original Mix) by Damir Pushkar
18 Richhard Here We Go (Original mix) by D
19 La Cantaora (Original Mix) by Joseph Gaex
20 Get Back (Original Mix) by Janoko
21 Introspection (Nick Curly Remix) by Audiojack & Polarbear
22 Bases Paralelas (Original Mix) by Mike.D, Sonoma (MX)
23 Three (Original Mix) by James Dexter, Arkady Antsyrev
24 Axis Point (Original Mix) by Levy
25 Love (Max Chapman Remix) by Alto
26 Early In The AM (Original Mix) by LewRaz
27 Brookground (Original Mix) by Toomas
28 Emphesis (Original Mix) by Damir Pushkar
29 Jacksing (Original Mix) by Carlos A
30 Candyflip (Original Mix) by Bypass
31 Stems (feat. Cami Jones) (Original Mix) by Andre Salmon, ZIF
32 Fiesta Humeda (Glasidum Remix) by Cajal
33 Let Your Body Go (Franky Rizardo Remix) by Look Out
34 Carousel (Original Mix) by Jose Vizcaino
35 Interrupted (Original Mix) by Robin Fett
36 Azimuth (Original Mix) by Anas M
37 Oh Yes! (feat. Mary Rose) (Daniel Meister Remix) by Victor Polo
38 Sidequest (Original Mix) by Mattu
39 Astral Mood (Original Mix) by Alez
40 Devotion (Mathias Teixeira Remix) by Eli Samuel
41 Lucidity (Original Mix) by Nayve
42 Distant Traveller (Original Mix) by Wyatt Marshall
43 Moanin (Original Mix) by Fede Aliprandi
44 Tides (Original Mix) by Robin Fett
45 This Party (Prunk Remix) by Max Dean
46 So Bad (Original Mix) by MADVILLA
47 Underground (Archie Hamilton's Frequency Remix) by Tuccillo, Kindbud
48 Housefly (Original Mix) by Toka.
49 Snacks a1 (Original Mix) by Dirty Culture
50 1910 (Daniel Meister Remix) by Evock
51 To Dream (Original Mix) by Kevin Deep
52 Mate (Original Mix) by Silat Beksi
53 Siente El Rhythm (Original Mix) by Morpei
54 Agave Isle (Extended Mix) by Tom Felix
55 Happy Place (THEOS. Remix) by Acid Kids
56 After Midnight (Original Mix) by Franco Schmidt
57 Work It (Original Mix) by Tuccillo
58 Planet Vector (Original Mix) by Wilda
59 Take Off (Original Mix) by WISSLR
60 Take Control (Original Mix) by Jesse Maas


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