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DJ.Gepoc - Attitude (Progressive House) (03.03.2023)

Mixed by DJ.Gepoc in
Pannonia Recording
Studio 2023.Thanks for


1 Drifting Home (Original Mix) by Avasono
2 Medjai (Original Mix) by DNYO
3 Kimica (Original Mix) by Kabi (AR), Ric Niels
4 Trailway (Original Mix) by Maudlin
5 Cobalt (Original Mix) by Robin Thurston
6 Hours Changed (Kris Dur Remix) by Joachim L
7 Reasons (Dowden Remix) by Ric Niels
8 Frozen in Time (Original Mix) by Covsky & FRAIS, MNNET
9 No Way Home (Original Mix) by Jelly For The Babies, Kebin Van Reeken
10 Terra (Original Mix) by Lio Q, Sofi Castanon
11 Finding Myself (Original Mix) by Ric Niels
12 Evy Moment (Original Mix) by Stefano Richetta
13 Stranger (Original Mix) by Thomas Ferell
14 Lonely Heart (Original Mix) by Agustin Ficarra
15 Resign (Claudio Cornejo (AR) Remix) by Agustin Ficarra
16 Macttos (Original Mix) by Andre Moret, Mariusso
17 Moving On (Original Mix) by Blank Boris
18 Sunbather (Original Mix) by Connor Mac
19 Alleen Jij (Original Mix) by Doriaan
20 Pulsar (Anton Make Remix) by Dowden, Ben Tauber
21 Elemental (Original Mix) by GMJ, Matter
22 Crosses (Tantum Remix) by Jamie Stevens
23 Awake (Original Mix) by Maudlin
24 Tunnel People (Original Mix) by Mike Rish
25 Demons (Alan Cerra Remix) by NUFECTS
26 Aphrodite (Nick Warren & Nicolas Rada Remix) by Ruben Karapetyan
27 Dualism (Original Mix) by Juan Deminicis
28 Never Say Never (QDream Remix) by Andre Gazolla
29 Creativo (Original Mix) by Valen Gonzalez
30 Time To Space (Original Mix) by GMJ, Matter
31 Delorean (K Loveski Remix) by Juan Sapia, Geronimo Eguiguren
32 Green Time (Original Mix) by Thomas Ferell
33 Aphrodite (Anton MAKe Remix) by Ruben Karapetyan
34 State of Mind (Riascode Remix) by Chris McNeill
35 Illusions (Original Mix) by Juan Deminicis
36 Pedal (Original Mix) by Butterflies on Mars
37 Colours of Your Skin (Original Mix) by Kyotto
38 Mind Destructor (Original Mix) by Paul Deep (AR)
39 Resign (Original Mix) by Agustin Ficarra
40 Life in Beach (Original Mix) by Kyotto
41 Hours Changed (SALAZAR COL Remix) by Joachim L
42 Istoria (Extended Mix) by Alymoon
43 Let You Go (Chris Zippel Remix) by DJ Abyss
44 I Am Free (Not Demure Remix) odkaz by Jelly For The Babies, Kebin Van Reeken
45 Maiyat (Original Mix) by Andre Moret, Mariusso
46 Layers (Original Mix) by Juan Deminicis
47 I Am Free (Original Mix) by Jelly For The Babies, Kebin Van Reeken
48 Sunburst (Original) by Intacto
49 Curious of Humble (Original Mix) by Gai Barone, Luke Brancaccio


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