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Dub Techno
Essential Mix (Part 72) (Part Dub Techno)

Mixed by DJ.Gepoc in
Pannonia Ultimate Rec.
Studio 2022.Thanks for


1 Kiseonik by DubRiders
2 Aerostat by R.Hz
3 Rebirth by CO2MIC
4 Regeneration by Kyrro
5 Flight Of The Silver Eagle by Faestos
6 Global Warming (Warning Version) by Orde107
7 Midnight Visions by Kagiso Morare
8 Plantae by Chord Fluencer
9 Amarilla by Decos Drone
10 Theory by Substak
11 Conscious by Coma Conscience
12 Fractals by Narson Nelson
13 Dub Art by Guzz (Arg)
14 The Missing Voice by Dub Portrait
15 The End Of Time by Elliahh
16 Between Times (Meek Remix) by Tender H
17 Project Alpha (Original Mix) by Volunteer
18 The Road to Soniel (Original Mix) by Ekstendia
19 Rishikesh in the Hands (Original Mix) by Ekstendia
20 Meet You (Original Mix) by Tender H
21 What We Lost in the Winter (Original Mix) by Mikaere
22 Little Things (Original Mix) by Tony (LV)
23 Aus (Original Mix) by Dubrovnik (UK)
24 Zero Gravity by Brickman
25 Mosh Up (original mix) by Schulz Audio
26 Sears Tower (original mix) by Mentality H & Skytechnic
27 Gemini by 2OMA
28 Sunset by Zoltan Ban
29 Monday by Koett
30 One Two Dub by Deepkomplekt
31 Wolframio by Julian Perez
32 Spacechord by Heavenchord
33 Good Bye GarbhaHsien by Adam Kroll
34 Fog (Bjika Remix) by Deepofomin
35 Undertone by Artyom Kozlov
36 She Desires by Gjidoda Jr.
37 Faktura by Nicolas Barnes
38 Dubz by Anas M
39 En Route by Artyom Kozlov
40 Distant Moment by Artyom Kozlov
41 Luminous by Overt
42 A Secret Sign by Owain K
43 Winds Of Chaos by Altone
44 mood by Dip
45 Solar System by Altone
46 'Hilted' by Fletcher
47 Melting by Leafar Legov
48 'Bohts' by Fletcher
49 Fourtwenty by Racecorner
50 Spiral (Sunday Chill Mix) by Racecorner
51 further out by Lotech,Hijack
52 Expect Me Liquid (RadioEdit) by Klartraum
53 Getwiedel by Racecorner



So good, thanks!