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DJ.Gepoc - Techno Groove Rotation (05.05.2024)

ixed by DJ.Gepoc in
Pannonia Recording
Studio 2023.Thanks for


1 dush_(original_mix) by asio
2 feiern047fd5 by lukas_freudenberger
3 abstract_(original_mix) by simone_tavazzi
4 purple_rain_(original_mix) by boriqua_tribez
5 Detroit by Tiger Stripes
6 From Our Minds to Yours (Original Mix) [Delsin Records] by Artefakt
7 Wenn Die Masken Fallen [minimalfreaks.pw] by SHDW & Obscure Shape
8 New State Of Consciousness by Pfirter
9 Get Down (Original Mix) [Toolroom] by Mark Knight, Adrian Hour
10 One Step (Original Mix) [Toolroom] by Adrian Hour
11 Premium (Original Mix) [Toolroom] by Hollen
12 Access (Matt Smallwood & Polarised Remix) [Toolroom] by DJ Tim, DJ Misjah
13 A 100 by The Traveller
14 Stratusphunk (Original Mix) by Zenker Brothers
15 Vortekz by Vril
16 The Quest (Original Mix) by Shlmo
17 Right Discipline (Original Mix) by Kwartz
18 Ancient Way (Original Mix) by Lewis Fautzi
19 Vostok by Jonas Kopp
20 If I Arrive, I Enter, If I Enter, I Triumph (Original Mix) by Vladw
21 Wisher by Takaaki Itoh
22 Rite by Kwartz
23 Rotar (Tensal remix) by Oscar Mulero
24 Form And Void by Kwartz
25 Unwanted Arrival (Original Mix) by Cleric
26 Ancient Way (Original Mix) by Lewis Fautzi
27 Vostok by Jonas Kopp
28 Rotar (Tensal remix) by Oscar Mulero
29 Muted by Monoloc
30 Edging Forward (Original Mix) by Dense & Pika
31 Algo (Original Mix) by WLDERZ
32 Bring by Randomer
33 What You Need by Adam Beyer
34 Hype by Dejvid Kavazovic
35 SQ80 (Pleasurekraft remix) by Kaiserdisco
36 Common Frequencies by Oscar Mulero
37 Unity Don't Talk (Original Mix) by D
38 Boogie Man (Original Mix) by Monika Kruse, Pig&Dan
39 Flash (Loco & Jam Remix) by Green Velvet
40 Scalextric (DUnity Remix) by Pig&Dan, Alberto Ruiz
41 Excelsior (Original Mix) by Matt Sassari
42 Ficken #3 (Dubspeeka Remix) by Thomas Schumacher
43 The Seventh Sense (Roberto Capuano Remix) by Audiomatiques
44 Poseidon (Original Mix) by Woo York
45 Navigator (Original Mix) by Loco & Jam
46 Aquarius (Original Mix) by Mattew Jay
47 Unspoken (Original Mix) by Layton Giordani
48 Rediscovered by Stefano Noferini, Hollen
49 Raving (Alberto Ruiz Remix) by Christian Bonori & Radio Complex
50 Unknown by Dead Soul (Alex Mladshiy Remix)
51 Holographic Universe by Nadja Lind & Deep Spelle
52 A1. Peligro by Aubrey
53 Cellar Bottle 1 by Francesco Tarallo
54 _Deferst (Leandro Di Remix) by Alberto Martin & Ione Guerra_
55 Rise Of The Red Disc (Original Mix) by Dub Taylor
56 Triple Distilled Feat. Nadine (Original Mix) by Dub Taylor
57 Expo 93 (Original Mix) by Fuzoku
58 Mizu Shobai (Paranoia106 Remix) by Fuzoku
59 Lis by Giriu Dvasios
60 Dyonisus by Baumfreund


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