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Paris La Nuit

Mixed by DJ.Gepoc in
Pannonia Ultimate Rec.
Studio 2020.Thanks for


1 Elysian (Original Mix) by Agatha Pher
2 Unmute Your Heart (Pablo Bolivar Club Vision) by Agatha Pher
3 Paradox (Original Mix) by Jay Pei
4 Auram (Original Mix) by Erly Tepshi
5 Opus (Original Mix) by Walking With Kings
6 Oblivion (Original Mix) by Artifvct
7 Lucid (Original Mix) by Jay Pei
8 I Can't Stop (Original Mix) by Andy Buchan
9 Black Racket Money (Original Mix) by Farina, Benedetto
10 Hitch (Titan Road & Gabriel Pivaro Remix) by Phil Colors
11 In Search of Premier Sound (Original Mix) by Doscorch
12 The Subverter (Original Mix) by Nolan
13 Deluxe (Original Mix) by Electro Sunshine, Irwin Romero
14 Syd Barret (Original Mix) by Apolo Fever
15 Pa Ve (Original Mix) by Ender Royers
16 Profecia (Original Mix) by Raul Figueroa
17 Tension (Original Mix) by Zelts
18 Cojollos (Original Mix) by Luis Fruelas
19 Unmute Your Heart (Original Mix) by Agatha Pher
20 Direction (Original Mix) by JoeL Holmes, Cody Currie
21 Metropolis feat. Andy K, Mikeal Acker, Desney Bailey (Original Mix) by JoeL Holmes, Cody Currie
22 Shitz Cool (Original Mix) by JoeL Holmes, Cody Currie
23 Octagon (Original Mix) by Michael Hooker, M.E.E.O
24 The One (Memories Of You Remix) by Deepconsoul, Cmpra
25 The People (Deepconsoul Memories Of You Remix) by Sacred Soul
26 Your Imprint (Tribute To Duke Soul) by Deepconsoul
27 Fallen by Deepconsoul, Denny Dugg
28 More Than Words by Deepconsoul, SoulVista
29 Nothing to Worry About (feat. Isabelle Antena) by St.Germain
30 Be My Valentine by Deepconsoul, Pinno
31 I'm Feeling Great (Original Mix) by Powel
32 Ohm Herb (Original Mix) by N'Pot, Nahue Juarez
33 Monaberry (2019 Werkzeug) by Super Flu
34 Versonnen (Original Mix) by Omens & Oracles
35 Valley (David Soto Remix) by Lisandro (AR)
36 Wostok (Original Mix) by Aacht
37 Etoile Mourante (Original Mix) by Aacht, Meastral
38 NanoMegaMicraMeta (Nick Lewis Remix) by Audioglider
39 Sledi Toku (Original Mix) by Brina Knauss
40 Adieu X (Frankey & Sandrino Remix) by Budakid
41 I Need You (Vox Mix) by Ditto
42 Horus (Original Mix) by EarthLife
43 Zog (Original Mix) by Florian Kruse
44 Reeling (Original Mix) by Einmusik, Haptic
45 Breath (Original Mix) by Half of Me
46 Looking At The Moon (Original Mix) by Half of Me
47 Future Is Now (Original Mix) by Jimi Jules
48 Karma Baby (Original Mix) by Jimi Jules
49 Last Muuh Before Paradise (Original Mix) by Jimi Jules
50 We Out Here (Original Mix) by Jimi Jules
51 Luna (Original Mix) by Marius Drescher, Philipp Kempnich
52 Scared (Original Mix) by Jimi Jules
53 Inkanyezi by Deepconsoul, Audiology, Giga
54 Ballata (Danito & Athina Remix) by Mononoid
55 In Tact (Original Mix) by Mononoid
56 Lontano Da Casa (Original Mix) by Murat Uncuoglu
57 Rouge (Original Mix) by Murat Uncuoglu
58 Trees Of Light (Original Mix) by Murat Uncuoglu
59 Antonio Loco feat. Toni Rios, DuVa (Herr Rossi Remix) by Room Service (DE)
60 Antonio Loco feat. Toni Rios, DuVa (To5Z Remix) by Room Service (DE)
61 Belkin (Original Mix) by Thimble
62 Tubular Dream (Original Mix) by Thimble
63 Quanta (Original Mix) by Sence
64 Cycles (Original Mix) by Kasey Kaotto
65 NanoMegaMicraMeta (GRISHA (RU) Remix) by Audioglider
66 Coolwater (Original Mix) by Eddy Cabrera, Redward
67 The Good & The Bad feat. Lena Grig (Original Mix) by Anturage
68 The Real World (Original Mix) by Alex Kentucky
69 Monday 8th (Original Mix) by Chris Stussy
70 Leisure Centre by Swayzak


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