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Progresive Attitude

Mixed by DJ.Gepoc in
Pannonia Ultimate Rec.
Studio 2021.Thanks for


1 Sounds of Freedom by Juan Deminicis
2 Marie (NZ) Amour (Original Mix) by Donna
3 Fragile Star (Eric Rose Remix) by Andy Woldman, Katrin Souza
4 Akasha (Original Mix) by Berni Turletti, Greenage
5 Orchard (Kasper Koman Remix) by Dmitry Molosh
6 Hoffnung (Rauschhaus Remix) by Antrim
7 Creative Sheet by Nopi
8 Demon Drive (Dmitry Molosh Remix) by Sidewalker & Stylez
9 Undertow (Extended Mix) by djimboh
10 Epic Game by Axel Zambrano
11 Ritual (Ricardo Piedra Remix) by Enchanted Kids
12 Destiny (KYOTTO Remix) by Marcelo Vasami
13 Suppose by Julian Nates
14 Angel (LiPolymer Remix) by DJ Paul (AR), Nahs
15 Vertigo (Paul Hamilton Rmx) by More Than Human
16 Aroma by Roy Rosenfeld, Guy J
17 80s (GMJ & Matter Remix) by Roger Martinez
18 The Long Walk (Original Mix) by Alex O'Rion
19 The Rise by Simos Tagias
20 Hidden Dimension by Enigmatic
21 Loco Hermoso (Hernan Cattaneo & Mariano Mellino Remix) by Dave Seaman
22 Losing Part of Me (Dmitry Molosh Remix) by Andrea Cassino, Greenage
23 My Life Rules (GMJ Remix) by Kandar
24 Purple Sky by Weird Sounding Dude
25 Spirit Of Life (Original Mix) by Dark Soul Project
26 Flux (Original Mix) by Blotto
27 The Bear (Original Mix) by Geronimo Eguiguren
28 Prelude (Monojoke Remix) by Airbas, Hrederik
29 Metropolis (Original Mix) by Simply City
30 Ritual Of Love (Paul Deep Remix) by Niceshot
31 Eissturmvogel (Analog Jungs Remix) by Kaldera
32 Benji (Forerunners Remix) by Eric Lune
33 Edge (DFormation, Rick Pier O'neil Remix) by Dmitry Molosh
34 Astros (Original Mix) by Mariano Mellino
35 Meridian (Original Mix) by Rise And Fall
36 Path to Moksha (Mir Omar Remix) by Dylan Deck, NOIYSE PROJECT
37 Ionosphere (Original Mix) by Nicolas Rada
38 Pushing (Original Mix) by Ewan Rill
39 Utica Vimana (Original Mix) by ALURIA
40 The Message (Original Mix) by Dowden
41 Ophelia (Original Mix) by Sameer
42 Lost Kingdom (Izzet Remix) by Savvas
43 Colorblind (Julian Rodriguez Remix) by Mlinar
44 Ambition (Original Mix) by Dmitry Molosh
45 Macropsia (Matias Chilano Remix) by Huminal
46 Shelby (Rick Pier O'Neil Remix) by Nicholas Van Orton
47 Dream Catcher (Julian Rodriguez & NoNo Remix) by Nosh & SJ
48 Invoking Spirits (Simos Tagias Tantric Ritual Remix) by Sanjay Dutta, Dharmalogy
49 Songlines (Original Mix) by Roger Martinez
50 Saturno (Original Mix) by LOM (AR)
51 Unravel Me (Gai Barone Remix) by Stan Kolev
52 Overflow (Original Mix) by Rick Pier O'Neil
53 Shine (Lonya Remix) by Mario Puccio
54 Appearance (Original Mix) by Antrim
55 The Fall (Original Mix) by Labert
56 About Tonight (Original Mix) by Cruster, Gonzalo Sacc
57 To the Stars (Praveen Achary Remix) by GMJ, Matter
58 Brotherhood (Original Mix) by Kamilo Sanclemente, Giovanny Aparicio
59 Code Source (Extended Mix) by DJ San, rick pier o'neil
60 Melaphorie (Original Mix) by AIO
61 The Master Mind (Da Fresh Remix) by High On Mars
62 Tipi_ ReThink (Torsten Fassbender Vocal Edition) by Shane Blackshaw
63 Tuesday Maybe (Guy J Remix) by Way Out West
64 Full Circle (Original Mix) by Simply City
65 Distance Between Us by Ewan Rill
66 Untold by Stil & Bense, Margret
67 The Rain (London Extended Mix) by Sharam, Bengle
68 Sunshine (Original Mix) by Evgeniy Nuzhnov, Cadillac Express
69 Aguamar (Jelle van Leeuwen Remix) by Namatjira
70 Personal Space (Black 8 Remix) by Cazap & Boskis, Niko Rizzo


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