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Minimal Music Session from Pannonia Records - mixed by DJ.Gepoc (Upeload Version) (24.01.2024)

Mixed by DJ.Gepoc in
Pannonia Recording
Studio 2024.Thanks for


1 _prva_izdvojena by daniel_aleksandar_
2 Sleepless Sleep (Umore Remix) by Zefzeed
3 Unknown by (monoKraK185) FloatingMind_I_Want_U_3
4 Unknown by (monokrak194) FloatingMind_Soft_Mind
5 Deep after aspirina by Arseniu
6 Wasted by Arapu
7 Specular by Dubphone, TAP
8 Blue Calx (Pedro Duarte Edit) by Aphex Twin
9 _Black_Hole_Original_Mix by Giuliano_Rodrigues_
10 Intermittent (Romnie Remix) by Karl Reyes
11 Lagomorpha (Original Mix) by Peda
12 Unknown by (monoKraK185) FloatingMind_I_Want_U_3
13 Still Only One (Original Mix) by Tom Ellis
14 I Should Care (Original Mix) by Tom Ellis
15 Fizmo Theme (Iulian Edit) by Ion Ludwig
16 Sapte Numarul Magic by Barac
17 Inwards & Outwards by Vlad Dinu
18 Velvet (Silat Beksi Mix) by Rhadow
19 Omnisphere by A1. Direkt
20 Mobile 5 by B2. Farid Odilbekov
21 Specular by Dubphone, TAP
22 Following by Melodie
23 Heat by Melodie
24 Invartinduse (for Cata) by Armand Nisipeanu
25 Gemini by Teluric
26 Jesus Chrysler by Suciu
27 Le Mont by Traumer
28 Solace by Traumer
29 Magicon by Adroit
30 Yellow Traveller (Tribute To Mort Garson) by B1. Leanca
31 Mobile 5 by B2. Farid Odilbekov
32 Omnisphere by A1. Direkt
33 Solstice by Disk
34 uluwatu dub by a2 superlounge
35 Magic by Re Named
36 false_awakeningdh by chaos_in_the_cbd
37 scumbag_unitydh by jon_sable
38 Southside Touch by Unknown Artist
39 Pollux by A1. Yamen & EDA
40 Detalii by B1. Teluric
41 remarksterdh by duijn_and_douglas
42 grey_blue_passiondh by brad_p
43 A2 _ Sky In Fall by Yaroslav Lenzyak
44 6, Alexey Orlov Thaw (Original) by DP
45 Say Something (Original Mix) by Luna Ludmila
46 6 Chocolate (Original Mix) by DP
47 fifth_experiment by vakula
48 Unknown by wave014.3_Pascal_Vert_All_I_Feel
49 _uffcep by nacho_monetto_
50 _first_sketch by sven_laux_


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