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My Vinyl Bouquet - mixed by DJ.Gepoc (Upeload Version)(20.11.2023)

Mixed by DJ.Gepoc in
Pannonia Recording
Studio 2023.Thanks for


1 Eternal by Noah Skelton
2 Dream Visator by Noah Skelton
3 Linear Forms by Noah Skelton
4 Douse (Original Mix) by Silverlining
5 Magicon by Adroit
6 Blue Calx (Pedro Duarte Edit) by Aphex Twin
7 Invartinduse (for Cata) by Armand Nisipeanu
8 Let's Try by D I N
9 Seara Devreme by Discret Popescu
10 Here And There by Dubphone, TAP
11 1985 (Smoke) by Armand Nisipeanu
12 A2 _ The Ritual by Melchior Productions LTD
13 Fizmo Theme (Iulian Edit) by Ion Ludwig
14 Ayahuasca by ruemor
15 Tape 6 by Sorinashcu
16 B2 _ Drift by Claudia Amprimo
17 Samantha Fox by Zefzeed
18 Sapte Numarul Magic by Barac
19 Viza Vis by Discret Popescu
20 A2 _ The Ritual by Melchior Productions LTD
21 Omnisphere by A1. Direkt
22 SIlk by B1. Minube 7 Andrey Djackonda
23 Mobile 5 by B2. Farid Odilbekov
24 Freakyleaky by A1. Herck
25 Drunken Strings by Herck
26 Axis Mundi by B2. Ckb
27 B2 _ Drift by Claudia Amprimo
28 Yellow Traveller (Tribute To Mort Garson) by B1. Leanca
29 Pandha by B2. Techu
30 Opus by iOAN
31 A2 _ Sky In Fall by Yaroslav Lenzyak
32 The Key by Constand
33 Sora by Cooke & Knitzky
34 A2 Calling by Oprea Timpu
35 Call Who by Dudley Strangeways
36 Why So Serious by Nima Gorji
37 Y.O.O by Kito Kusunoki
38 Chip frumos by Olivian Nour
39 Down Myself by Markus Fix
40 Cosmic Birds (Original Mix) by ToT


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