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My Vinyl Collection (Minimal Deep Tech)

Mixed by DJ.Gepoc in
Pannonia Ultimate Rec.
Studio 2022.Thanks for


1 Cums N'Roses by nSd
2 A1 Can't Dance by A1. Alci
3 A2 Sonsuz Seconds by A2. Alci
4 B2 Kelime Iki by B2. Alci
5 Velvet (Silat Beksi Mix) by Rhadow
6 Microbc (Original Mix) by Peda
7 Undertone by Dudley Strangeways
8 I Should Care (Original Mix) by Tom Ellis
9 Epilog La Un Audio by Unknown Artist
10 Heat by Melodie
11 Drive by Melodie
12 Following by Melodie
13 First Contact With Aliens by Unknown Artist
14 Nasty by Minube, Andrey Djackonda
15 Drumm Scene by Minube
16 Orci by Etzu Mahkayah
17 Variations by B2 Vlad Arapasu
18 See A Man About A Horse by KOZO, Kozo
19 Berea Canadiana by Armand Nisipeanu
20 1985 (Smoke) by Armand Nisipeanu
21 Invartinduse (for Cata) by Armand Nisipeanu
22 Sixfourtytwo by Cali Lanauze
23 Why So Serious by Nima Gorji
24 Aprilie_,_vine_,_te'ncearca ! by Bar Za
25 Seara Devreme by Discret Popescu
26 Magicon by Adroit
27 Dimineata Tarziu by Discret Popescu
28 Let's Try by D I N
29 Call Who by Dudley Strangeways
30 Gummy by Ian
31 Snicket's Lemony by Ian
32 Eternal by Noah Skelton
33 Fizmo Theme (Iulian Edit) by Ion Ludwig
34 Therapy by Bru Polizzi
35 Dancing Bass by Microlab
36 B2 _ Drift by Claudia Amprimo
37 A2 _ Sky In Fall by Yaroslav Lenzyak
38 B1 _ Healing by Vlad Arapasu
39 B2 _ Sisco by Vlad Arapasu
40 Wasted by Arapu
41 Here And There by Dubphone, TAP
42 Specular by Dubphone, TAP
43 Dimineata Tarziu by Discret Popescu
44 Seara Devreme by Discret Popescu
45 Pattern A36 by Lee Burton
46 You Can Drive (Original Mix) by Aron Volta & Kreutziger
47 B1 _ Konstabler Hill (Arapu Remix) by Florian Meffert & Sebastian Sannikow
48 A1 _ Konstabler Hill by Florian Meffert & Sebastian Sannikow
49 Sarandea by A2. Pheek & Kike Mayor
50 Omnisphere by A1. Direkt
51 SIlk by B1. Minube 7 Andrey Djackonda
52 Mobile 5 by B2. Farid Odilbekov
53 The Key by Constand
54 Lakers by Dubtape
55 Ayahuasca by ruemor
56 Deep after aspirina by Arseniu
57 Ausdefiniert by Markus Fix
58 Airier by So Inagawa
59 What Darkness by Markus Fix
60 Hopes For Jokes by Pola
61 Wasted by Arapu
62 B1 _ Konstabler Hill (Arapu Remix) by Florian Meffert & Sebastian Sannikow
63 Yellow Traveller (Tribute To Mort Garson) by B1. Leanca
64 Camberwell Blues by A1. ADMNTi
65 Gemini by Teluric
66 Aries by Teluric
67 Linear Forms by Noah Skelton
68 Dream Visator by Noah Skelton
69 Classic Adidas by Unknown Artist
70 Revelation (Original Mix) by Andre Kronert
71 292 by Vlad Dinu
72 Mount Gnom (Original Mix) by Mihai Popoviciu
73 Grimeolitious (Original Mix) by Tripmastaz
74 Lionel (Original Mix) by Littlelake
75 Blue Calx (Pedro Duarte Edit) by Aphex Twin
76 Hopes For Jokes (Arkajo Remix) by Pola
77 A2 _ The Ritual by Melchior Productions LTD
78 A2 Calling by Oprea Timpu
79 Artificial Insanity by Giorgio Maulini & Alex Zola
80 Therapize by Bisz
81 Subiect by Austin
82 Static (Original Mix) by Jay Oss
83 apa #02 2 by Dorothy's Dream
84 Solstice (Original Mix) by Michael James
85 Ratz (Original Mix) by Bongo Beat
86 Loves With Thorns (Original Mix) by Arol
87 Things You Won't See Everyday (Original Mix) by Nandez
88 Key Part (Original Mix) by NTFO
89 Get Lost (Original Mix) by Rigzz
90 Bad Berries (Original Mix) by Wyro
91 Fresco (Original Mix) by Frink
92 The Trail (Original Mix) by Mau Zeti
93 We Have A Problem (MHigh Remix) by Ruben Baiz
94 Inner Light (Philipp Lichtblau Remix) by Ilya Schulz
95 Traffic Jam (Original Mix) by Reyam
96 Treachery (Original Mix) by Pedro Costa
97 Darijust (Luca M, Just2 Remix) by Ray Okpara
98 Phonica (Viktor Udvari Remix) by MnD
99 Rain (Original Mix) by Agustin Cooper
100 Khriss 0 (Original Mix) by Victor Polo


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