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My Vinyl Collection - Organic House  & Deep House

Mixed by DJ.Gepoc in
Pannonia Ultimate Rec.
Studio 2022.Thanks for


1 Routts (Original DJ Friendly Mix) by Stan Kolev
2 Famous (Afrobeat) by Sole, Inaky Garcia, Kanike
3 Play the Beat (Extended Mix) by Eiaua
4 Havana Dub (Nikko Mavridis Remix) by Albuquerque, Foletto
5 Heaven Right Above (Original Mix) by Pablo Asturizaga
6 Sommertraum (Ednner Soares Remix) by Christ Malvin
7 Mr. Sagan (Stranger Tourists Remix) by Gonza Ponce
8 Being Alive (Original Mix) by Leo Guerrero
9 Paper Rocket (Original Mix) by Josta
10 Across the Valley (Stranger Tourists Remix) by Apocrypha (AR)
11 Queens 1 (Original Mix) by SpecDub, bdtom
12 Nebuchadnezzar (Original Mix) by Udumusic
13 Collide (Tencode Remix) by Andre Sobota
14 Purity (Original Mix) by Scabeni
15 Garden (Extended Mix) by MI.LA
16 Balanced Soul (Original Mix) by Julieta Kuhnle
17 Ready to Wake Up (Original Mix) by Luciano Ficarra
18 Moments (Extended Mix) by Madraas
19 Oyku (Original Mix) by Vandelor
20 Karoshi (Original Mix) by Kornum & Karma
21 Between the People (Original Mix) by Born To Jam
22 No Loyalty feat. AndileAndy (Original Mix) by China Charmeleon
23 Flat White (Original Mix) by Menshen
24 Once Again (Original Mix) by Jose Vizcaino
25 Loving You (Original Mix) by SAAND
26 Take Me Over (Gorge Remix) by Chriss Ronson, The Quasar & The Pressure
27 Rainbow Beach (Darksidevinyl Remix) by Inessa, Ayah Tlhanyane, Darksidevinyl
28 We Are One (Coflo Remix) by Blaze, UDAUFL
29 Don't Touch Me (Potholes Remix) by T. Ruggieri
30 Sunday Afternoon (Original Mix) by Rudoulpho
31 Malaga (Reprise) by Pablo Bolivar, Sensual Physics


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