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Staff Pick (Beatport Techno)

Mixed by DJ.Gepoc in
Pannonia Ultimate Rec.
Studio 2022.Thanks for


1 Louisiana (Kevin de Vries Remix) by Dubfire, Kolsch
2 Resist by Hisj Wink
3 DNA Signal (Linear System Remix) by Alexskyspirit
4 file I Am (Gene Richards Jr Jackin' Cut) by S
5 Magnetic Key (Original Mix) by Filipe Barbosa
6 Raw Regimen (Original Mix) by Kerrie
7 Marija Bursac (Nihad Tule Remix) by Sev Dah
8 A Different Way To Escape (Original mix) by Viels
9 Intrusive Thought (Original Mix) by Axel Karakasis
10 Faith (Original Mix) by dBL (UK)
11 Sentient Beings (Original Mix) by Audio State (RO)
12 Digital Prophecy (Original Mix) by Andre Keller
13 Avahan (Original Mix) by Harshal
14 Drum Warfare (Original Mix) by MT93 (IT)
15 S.W.A.T. (Original Mix) by Rodez
16 Take My Mind (Original Mix) by Cosmic Boys
17 Your Mind (Original Mix) by Stoked
18 Urania (Original Mix) by DJ Jock
19 Take Control (Original Mix) by Frank Biazzi
20 Let's Rave Again (Original Mix) by Filterheadz
21 March Of The White Fireflies (Original Mix) by Lee Ann Roberts
22 Moroccan Chant (Rory Marshall Remix) by Carl Cox
23 Luciferin (Chptr Rework) by Joachim Spieth
24 City Nights (Original Mix) by DJ Boris, Carlo Lio
25 About You (Original Mix) by Broken Robot
26 Scorpio (Original Mix) by Broken Robot
27 Invasion (Original Mix) by Daniel Levak
28 Sentinella Meccanica (Original Mix) by Mattia Saviolo
29 Overflow (Original Mix) by Andres Suarez
30 Portals (Original Mix) by N3MO
31 The Gate (Original Mix) by N3MO
32 Techno Monkey (Hito Remix 2) by Simina Grigoriu
33 Full Moon (Original Mix) by Marko Krstic
34 Mnmlstc (Original Mix) by Egbert
35 Soulseeker (Lisa May (AUS) Remix) by Hocus
36 Breath (Original Mix) by ATIME
37 Asteroid (Original Mix) by Simon Stiglmeier
38 I Am Free Feat. Marie Vaunt (Original Mix) by Metodi Hristov, Marie Vaunt
39 Time To Time (Original Mix) by Exos
40 Through the Night (Original Mix) by Broken Robot
41 Stake (Original Mix) by Mattias Fridell, Alexander Johansson
42 His Reign Is Over (Original Mix) by NORBAK
43 Exosphere (Original Mix) by Fatima Hajji
44 Running On Empty (Kessell Remix) by Lex Gorrie
45 Just A Feeling (Original Mix) by Keev
46 Reaper (Original Mix) by Marcal
47 Alternation (Original Mix) by Rodhad
48 Moon Landing Conspiracy (Translate Remix) by Ecilo
49 Ctrl 2I2 (Juan Trujillo Remix) by Russ (ARG)
50 Cluster (Setaoc Mass Remix) by Gotshell
51 Potential 1.1 (Original Mix) by RNGD
52 Rotate (Original Mix) by Moddullar
53 Albion (Original MIx) by Orbe
54 Eniental (Original Mix) by Atis
55 Wandering (Original Mix) by Alessandro Crimi
56 Little Things (Original Mix) by Tony (LV)
57 Aus (Original Mix) by Dubrovnik (UK)
58 PVSHL202 by Tobias Schmid
59 Cloudy Grey (Original Mix) by MBM
60 Ordinal Reflections (Original Mix) by Hod


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