297 2 years ago
Yellow Submarine had its first birthday over the easter weekend, and I took part on day 2 with a dubby chilled set to ease folks into the afternoon. One for the smokers.


1 Watt's Life If It Isn't Music 00:00:00 by Artphorm
2 Gillie Amma I Love You 00:03:43 by Four Tet
3 Helix III 00:08:56 by Kelly Moran
4 Basscadet (Basscadubmx) 00:12:30 by Autechre
5 Minka 00:18:54 by Felix Laband
6 Good for the City (Yesking Remix) 00:23:33 by Kraak & Smaak
7 Mile High Dub 00:25:34 by Lotek
8 Jah Soldier 00:25:55 by Jah Seal
9 Tango De La Destruccion 00:32:43 by SKEEWIFF
10 For A Few Dollars More (IN DUB) 00:35:52 by LAB DUB
11 Bob Marley Is This Love (Sam Redmore's Acoustic Takedown) 00:39:14 by Sam Redmore
12 Runaway (Refurb) 00:44:39 by Mason
13 Evolution Ending 00:44:43 by Naked Funk
14 Longing 00:52:30 by Yosi Horikawa
15 Pterodactyl 00:56:47 by Remember Remember
16 Johnny Lytle (feat. Wynton Kelly) Cristo Redendor MM Edit 00:59:44 by Mop Mop
17 Blue Monday (Andrea Mix Jam & Spoon) 01:05:15 by New Order
18 Sleeping Household 01:12:06 by Felix Laband
19 Evolution 01:16:08 by VENT
20 Johann Pachelbell Canon in D(ub) ReWiff Skeemix 01:18:42 by Skeewiff
21 Dubble (Organ Swell) 01:21:02 by Funki Porcini
22 Things Are Gonna Get Easier (Album Version) 01:27:20 by Low Motion Disco
23 La Paix Est Une Fleur 01:31:44 by Psychemagik
24 Your Song (Tim "Love" Lee's SemiBearded Remix) 01:36:24 by Groove Armada
25 Easy Waiting (DreadTone Mix) 01:40:19 by leebuzz
27 Tears In Dub (Manasseh Dub) 01:48:50 by Soothsayers Meet Red Earth Collective
28 Roads (Kero One Remix) 01:51:04 by Portishead
29 Cool Monsoon (Weather Storm) 01:50:43 by Massive Attack Vs. Mad Professor


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