Calgary - Canada
So happy you found – Grrr-eh/DJ Grey's Moving Music. Since 2010 I have produced a variety of themed radio mixes.

Rise Up = Dance Music, Paz & Jop Series = Generally new pop and jazz tracks
Special Series = Themed Radio Shows
Olde Series = Well, Old Pop and Jazz
Other Series = Avant Garde
GlobalBeats = Generally Original & Remixed Ethnic Tunes
Space Series = Chilled Out Music from the Stars
Softer Slower = Actually Music for Powder Skiing, RoadTrips and Singletrack Biking

These musical mixes are largely designed to be listened to as background soundtrack — to match the flow and rhythm of many activities. Smooth seques, and juxapositions of music old and very new are featured.

Its a free download, so load up, playback and move!

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ROBOT59 Saturday, April 8, 2017

Thanks for listening to 'Uptown Funk (ROBOT59 FUNK-Q-UP Extended Version)'. Hope you enjoyed the track!!