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  I had the idea for this mix since 2017 and was working on the mix when Bobby Corridor releaed his Substitute Teacher mix. I'm not going lie , I was a bit deflated when Bobby released his mix I wanted bring idea back to forefront. Ever since 200's mix there haven't been any classic sample mix

You know I am known to shy away for known hits and enjoy digging for the little known tunes of past. With this new tribute to Lafayette Afro Rock Band's legendary sample from their song Hihache I tried to display a few classics among the more obscure tunes. All in all I believe I curated a collection of tracks that used the sample brilliantly over the years.

Download Here:!SAollAJC!KfBq68OM60hhwNccDg7Op91c_eZunip1QHO3tmxpExY
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