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A three-hour tour...

(4/6/2024) Couldn't really decide how to categorize this, so 'Mixed Genre' will have to do.  It's really a confetti throw of everything in the tags.   I did a bit of remixing throughout to keep the pulse pulsing.  It plays through at 136BPM, and works fairly well across genres.   Mr. and Mrs. Howell would be mashing to it, if not for the whole Cheese Crotch debacle.  All the music here is recent.


1 Softness by Pal Parallax, Cwtch, Fallen Tape
2 From Walks Of Life (Banyan Extended Remix) by Phoebe Tsen, Modera
3 Avalanche by Pablo Bolivar, Pedro Sanmartin
4 Bring the Lights Down by Moullinex, GPU Panic
5 Lil Boy (Extended Mix) by Florian Gasperini
6 Love Loud by Ciaran McAuley, Ciaran McAuley presents Elï
7 Antidote by Bowser
8 Mutual Horizons by Fabri Lopez, Callecat
9 Trippy Trumpets by Beat Bizarre
10 Artzenu by David Green
11 I´m Alive, I´m Free (Extended Mix) by Victor Garde
12 Forgether (Extended Version) by M.E.M.O., Thimble
13 Go by Citybox, Orebeat
14 Desert Rose (Molac Remix) by Sunar
15 Mantra by Henry Saiz & Band, Moonlight Wolves
16 Calling (Extended Mix) by Corderoy, Émilie Rachel
17 Blue Dream by Niki Sadeki
18 Daruma by Monojoke
19 Abby by Tiefstone, Ric Niels
20 Freefall by Content of Void
21 My Mind (Extended Mix) by MOKX
22 Acid Funk (Rabbit in the Moon's Tune Instrumental Mix) by Hawke, God Within
23 The Voice In My Head (Extended Mix) by Max Smith
24 Gotta Be A Freak by Tuba Twooz
25 Urban Ghetto by Jiro
26 Face to Fears by Rhades
27 Lose Control (I Won’t Break Version) by Sofi, GHEIST
28 Kasiope by Sebastien Leger
29 Phoenix by Fabian Krooss, Frida Darko
30 Corpo e Canção by Maz (BR), Antdot, Letícia Fialho
31 Silk And Satin (Extended Mix) by Maxi Degrassi, Ale Russo, Franco Dalmati
32 Mysterious Madness by Kasey Taylor
33 Connected (Extended Mix) by Neil Richter, Martin Haber
34 Just a Dream by Rick Arter
35 Take You (Joachim Pastor Remix) by Pretty Pink
36 Left Behind (Club Mix) by Just Her
37 Nobody (Extended House Ape Mix) by Sirolf
38 Time Moves So Fast (PROFF & Volen Sentir's Timestop Extended Remix) by BT
39 Pinie by Orbit, Parra for Cuva


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