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After the show is the part that comes after the first hour of recording my radio show dj mix. And above all almost always TECHNO.
I wanna share this extra bit of my recording because otherwise it would be a well kept secret.

Summer mix by the Cee (20230623) by Irvin Cee
Release date: 2023/06/23

*Irvin Cee is available for international bookings at Clubs, Festivals en Quality bars.

Title: Summer mix by the Cee (20230623) by Irvin Cee
Release date: 2023/06/23
Genre(s): Funky House

Time - Title - Artist - [Genre] (*time is +/- mix in time)
00:00:00 - So Lonely - Block & Crown, Paul Parsons [Funky House
00:04:13 - So in Love 2023 - Ghostbusterz [Funky House
00:07:38 - Caderas - Block & Crown, Maickel Telussa [Funky House
00:11:00 - Cameo Maceo - Art Of Tones [Funky House
00:16:24 - Tonight It's Party Time - Popcorn Poppers [Funky House
00:18:42 - Heart It The Boys - Disco Gurls [Funky House
00:21:29 - Night In Rapture - Disco Gurls [Funky House
00:24:46 - War - What Is It Good For? - Frank H Carter III, Dr. Bazil [Funky House
00:28:24 - Let There Be House - Gianpiero Xp, The Kollective [Funky House
00:30:59 - Da Pressure - Rubber People [Funky House
00:34:07 - Can't Get Enough - Block & Crown, Jesus Davila [Funky House
00:36:33 - Gimme A Bloody Mary - Block & Crown, Lissat [Funky House
00:39:50 - About My Sensation - GhostMasters [Funky House
00:44:09 - El Timbal - SWS, Ivan Kay, Alessio Slate [Funky House
00:46:19 - Crazy In Love - Richard Grey [Funky House
00:49:39 - Lose My Breath - Ghostbusterz [Funky House
00:52:21 - Push All Night - Ghostbusterz [Funky House
00:56:17 - Bang to the Beat - Popcorn Poppers, Ghostbusterz [Funky House
00:58:04 - Don't Go - Block & Crown [Funky House

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Soundcloud --> https://soundcloud.com/irvincee/summer-mix-by-the-cee-20230623-studio-mix-by-irvin-cee?in=irvincee/sets/home-recorded-beat-mixes


1 So Lonely by Block & Crown, Paul Parsons
2 So in Love 2023 by Ghostbusterz
3 Caderas by Block & Crown, Maickel Telussa
4 Cameo Maceo by Art Of Tones
5 Tonight It's Party Time by Popcorn Poppers
6 Heart It The Boys by Disco Gurls
7 Night In Rapture by Disco Gurls
8 War What Is It Good For? by Frank H Carter III, Dr. Bazil
9 Let There Be House by Gianpiero Xp, The Kollective
10 Da Pressure by Rubber People
11 Can't Get Enough by Block & Crown, Jesus Davila
12 Gimme A Bloody Mary by Block & Crown, Lissat
13 About My Sensation by GhostMasters
14 El Timbal by SWS, Ivan Kay, Alessio Slate
15 Crazy In Love by Richard Grey
16 Lose My Breath by Ghostbusterz
17 Push All Night by Ghostbusterz
18 Bang to the Beat by Popcorn Poppers, Ghostbusterz
19 Don't Go by Block & Crown


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