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Underground we live forever baby / LAS VEGAS - United States
Remember when DJ sets were musical journeys? Before it was... "how many top 10 remixes, samples, and shit can I fit into a 55 minute festival set demo mix"?? That's back when I got into DJing, and that's how I still do it. Often 1-2+ hours, made as a complete package. Not much glitz and glam. No defined genre bounds. The way it used to be. Heavy bass. Deep kicks. Infectious rhythms. Timeless melodies. Sprinkle in some vocals. Put on high volume. Rinse and repeat. Coming to you from the neon glow of Las Vegas, I am just a Midwestern 90's rave kid who happened to keep a shitload of vinyls after being forced out into the real world. I took so much time finding these records through good old fashioned vinyl mining. Would be a shame if every last one wasn't heard. So here they are...

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