29 one month ago
KninoDj Set 2400 Progressive House Special


1 Pineapple Express by Carlos Pires, Hopper
2 Fair Day (Space Motion Remix) by Betoko, Haze_M feat. Shyam P
3 Imentet by Morttagua
4 Isolation by Yotto
5 Marrakesh (Kasper Koman Remix) by Rafael Cerato, NekliFF
6 Blackbirds by Neal Porter, Fabs
7 Phases (Extended Mix) by Stan Kolev
8 Empire (Cosmonaut Remix) by Stan Kolev, Matan Caspi
9 Clouds In Pink by Betoko, Haze_M
10 Epic by Space Motion
11 Galactic by Moonwalk
12 The Sing by Brigado Crew, Crisstiano
13 Ananda by Stan Kolev
14 Papillon by ARTBAT
15 Dushanbe by AfterU
16 Acumulee by Super Flu
17 Water Lily (Nosh & SJ Remix) by Eric Lune
18 Harisma by Anturage, Alexey Union
19 Mantra by Umid
20 Forethought by Stan Kolev
21 Inscape by Stan Kolev
22 Hear Me Out (Anja Schneider Extended Mix) by Yotto feat. SØNIN, Laudic
23 Scream by Space Motion
24 Esto Es Tulum by Space Motion
25 Bob Fossil by Gab Rhome, Mark Alow
26 Shen by Memory (ARG), Ezequiel Arias
27 Butterfly by Matan Caspi & Ziger
28 Hunger For Your Vibe (Moonwalk Remix) by Arm In Arm
29 Inferno by Stan Kolev
30 Riptide by Nik Thrine
31 Charagami (Stan Kolev Remix) by IMGFriend, Prakenpak
32 Gypsy by The Organism
33 Moon Dust by Phi Phi & Manu Riga
34 Come To Me by Cherry (UA)
35 The Eye of Truth by Muhammed Felfel
36 Sultan by Lunar Plane
37 Kigelia by Elfenberg
38 E Ke Keq Aty (Monastetiq Remix) by Motel Sazani
39 Aedes (Alex Vidal Remix) by Lio Q
40 Distortion by ZAC, Bäkka
41 Ashram by Sunar
42 All I Need to Get High (Ae_ther Dreaming Dub Remix) by Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons
43 Dissonant Frames by Vinyl Speed Adjust
44 Kalahari by Matan Caspi
45 Menora by AfterU, Leibo & Zarhi
46 Dream Of His Shadow by Kareem Zadd
47 Hide U (Chicola Extended Remix) by Sandy Rivera & Rae
48 Omega (Quivver Remix) by David Keno, Beatamines
49 Tabu by ARTBAT



I just think that this is extremely clever blend of excellent tunes into a succulent mixture .... Brilliant ... well-done chap


Love the play list ... WOW