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Zürich - Switzerland
Music is a powerful thing as it evokes feelings and has the power to bring people together. This especially applies to Deep House with its complex melody, use of unrelated chromatic chords underlying most tracks and a soul, ambient, or lounge vibe to vocals.
In the past, artists used to be proud to produce their own tracks packed with authentic, soulful, slow and concentrated dissonant melodies a smooth, stylish way. Today, artists are no longer known for their own music, but for how extravagant their outfits are and how much money they earn from their productions.
Since 2005 “Kommerz Is Dead Bitches” wants to offer an alternative to the exchangeable electronic music which has risen to become the omnipresent dominant element in nowadays mainstream (in German "Kommerz") dance music. The community wants to evoke and share the passion for authentic Deep House music with its soulful, lighthearted and down-to-earth tunes. The group is dedicated to deep house lovers only. Get exclusive deep house, tech house, minimal & techno podcasts. The
podcasts contain the hottest tracks on earth and include some unrleased
stuff as well.Follow Us on Soundcloud:
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