603 6 years ago
I got the 10th episode of Tech Mechanics show for you all today. It has a bit over an hour of neurofunk in the mix.

Anuki - Never Mind remix you can find here: https://soundcloud.com/lekker-hondje/anuki-never-mind-lekker-hondje-remix-drumnbass-neurofunk

Keep Dancing remix you can find here: https://lekkerhondje.bandcamp.com/album/wolf-saga-keep-dancing-lekker-hondje-remix

Nature Boy bootleg you can find here: https://soundcloud.com/lekker-hondje/aurora-nature-boy-lekker-hondje-bootleg

Brassmadness remix you can find here: https://lekkerhondje.bandcamp.com/album/brassmadness-lekker-hondje-remix

--- extra links:
website link: http://ultracrossoverfusion.wordpress.com
soundcloud link: https://soundcloud.com/lekker-hondje
twitter: https://twitter.com/lekker_hondje
bandcamp: https://lekkerhondje.bandcamp.com


1 Forbidden Planet by Task Horizon
2 Stop by Erb N Dub & DisasZt
3 Hypebeast by Audio
4 If You Must Blink VIP by Lekker Hondje
5 Monsters by Sinister Souls & Counterstrike
6 Memento by Kutlo
7 Alive (Lekker Hondje Remix) by Dicelate ft. Kate Wild
8 Untameable by Merikan
9 Mekanizm by Absurd
10 Black Or White (Signal Remix) by Camo & Krooked ft. Tasha Baxter
11 Never Mind (Lekker Hondje Remix) by Anuki
12 Numb Eye by Memtrix
13 Ikra by Gydra
14 Unsafe (Joe Ford Remix) by Apashe & Phace
15 Keep Dancing (Lekker Hondje Remix) by Wolf Saga
16 Fallen Angel by Hallucinator & Sinister Souls
17 Welcome To The Machine by Drumsound & Bassline Smith vs Prolix
18 Antimatter (Instrumental) by Ephyum
19 Inside Layer by Lekker Hondje
20 Sharpshooter by Fragz & Merikan
21 Shiver by Calyx & TeeBee
22 Primal Fire by Bad Company UK ft. Sitka
23 Nature Boy (Lekker Hondje Bootleg) by Aurora
24 Alive by Sinister Souls & Fragz & Hallucinator
25 Sellout (Counterstrike Remix) by Forbidden Society
26 Brassmadness (Lekker Hondje Remix) by SILD
27 Pusher by Mayel
28 I Can Do This All Day (Lekker Hondje Bootleg) by Kasper
29 Bad Omen (State Of Mind Remix) by Neonlight
30 Serve The Demon by Difend & Item
31 End Your World Procedure by Lekker Hondje
32 Tweakers by Mob Tactics ft. Ryme Tyme
33 A Different World by Shintuza
34 Ancient Species by Lekker Hondje
35 Quad Damage by Paperclip & Dereck
36 No Sleep by Hallucinator & Thrasher
37 SPD Effect by Lekker Hondje
38 Primitive Instinct by Gydra
39 Better Believe (Muffler Remix) by Drunken Masters ft. Shortston
40 Computer Control (Fragz Remix) by Cooh & Counterstrike
41 No Escape by Hallucinator & Gridlok
42 Something Special by Lekker Hondje