466 5 years ago

I got a new HardTech Radio session for you all today. It has almost an hour of neurofunk in the mix.

Try It Out remix you can find here: https://soundcloud.com/lekker-hondje/skrillex-ft-alvin-risk-try-it-out-lekker-hondje-remix

Just One Night remix you can find here: https://lekkerhondje.bandcamp.com/album/dj-reactive-just-one-night-lekker-hondje-remix

Objective Response you can find on Causality EP here: https://lekkerhondje.bandcamp.com/album/causality-ep

Mechanism remix you can find here: https://lekkerhondje.bandcamp.com/album/b1per-mechanism-lekker-hondje-remix

Destroyed you can find here: https://lekkerhondje.bandcamp.com/track/destroyed

Orion remix you can find here: https://lekkerhondje.bandcamp.com/album/mayhem-logam-orion-lekker-hondje-remix

--- extra links:
website link: http://ultracrossoverfusion.wordpress.com
soundcloud link: https://soundcloud.com/lekker-hondje
twitter: https://twitter.com/lekker_hondje
bandcamp: https://lekkerhondje.bandcamp.com


1 Step War by Brain Crisis
2 Caterpilar (Drumsound & Bassline Smith Remix) by Black Sun Empire & State Of Mind
3 Into The Matter by Current Value
4 Try It Out (Lekker Hondje Remix) by Skrillex ft. Alvin Risk
5 Forbidden Planet by Task Horizon
6 Haymaker by Pythius
7 Infinity VIP by DC Breaks & Prolix
8 Just One Night (Lekker Hondje Remix) by DJ Reactive
9 Absolute Zero by Alter Ego & Scoop
10 Flight Simulator by Task Horizon
11 To Fly (Lekker Hondje Remix) by John Blast
12 We Will Find You by East Kingdom ft. eDub & GoreBug
13 The Veil (Killbox Remix) by Black Sun Empire & Noisia
14 Back To The Old School (The Clamps Remix) by Disphonia ft. MC Kryptomedic
15 If You Must Blink VIP by Lekker Hondje
16 Altered States by Merikan
17 Say It Loud by Rido
18 Objective Response by Lekker Hondje
19 Come My Way by oneBYone
20 Echoes by Volatile Cycle & Barbarix ft. Elsie
21 Let's Bring Them Hell by Nickbee & The Clamps
22 Nobody by Humanon
23 Hidden Features by Lekker Hondje
24 Signals by Magnetude
25 No Advance (Misanthrop Remix) by Black Sun Empire & Prolix
26 Rising by Humanon & Ephyum
27 Freedom by Cod3x
28 I Am Not Crazy by Hallucinator
29 Mechanism (Lekker Hondje Remix) by B1per
30 Reverse Coded by Merikan ft. Inward, Hanzo & Randie
31 Get Down (Rido Remix) by Computerartist & Qo
32 Hypothetical by Lekker Hondje
33 Large Explosion by Difend
34 Immortality Protocol by Task Horizon & Magnetude
35 Armada by Killer Hertz
36 Destroyed by Lekker Hondje
37 I Saw You (Abis & Signal Remix) by Black Sun Empire
38 Aversion by Fourward & Signal
39 Crime by RedPill
40 Faded by L 33
41 Orion (Lekker Hondje Remix) by Mayhem & Logam