264 2 years ago
I did a new dj set for hardtech radio. It's progressive neurofunk.


1 Watch Me by Pythius & Redpill
2 Interaction by The Clamps & Opsen
3 V For Video 69 by Lekker Hondje
4 Mekaneck by Task Horizon
5 The Day Called X (Lekker Hondje Remix) by Broken Links
6 Sylar by Juno
7 Fusebreaker by Absu
8 Depths Of Dark Souls by Lekker Hondje
9 Hold On by Dizkret
10 Sawmill by Despersion
11 Smokescreen by Lekker Hondje
12 Experience (Lekker Hondje Bootleg) by Ludovico Einaudi
13 Courier by A.M.C
14 See No Stars by Traced
15 Stray by Lekker Hondje
16 Prophecy by Kanine
17 Numbers (Camo & Krooked Remix) by John B
18 Sahara by Resound & Obeisant
19 Mercury (Lekker Hondje's Silent Wolf Howling Moon Remix) by Moonshot
20 Lone Wolf by Des McMahon
21 Sending Signals (Lekker Hondje Remix) by Flowanastasia & Tyr Kohout
22 Landing by Despersion
23 Rewind by Lekker Hondje
24 Devil's Work (Kaiza VIP) by Humanon
25 Halo by Synthakt & Sinister Souls
26 Footpath by Mefjus & InsideInfo ft. The Upbeats
27 Outbreak (Sinisters Souls Remix) by Donny & Katharsys
28 New Drums (Gydra Remix) by Teddy Killerz
29 Stasis (Lekker Hondje Remix) by Black Sun Empire
30 End Your World Procedure by Lekker Hondje
31 Echelon (Esym Remix) by KLAFF
32 No Today No Tomorrow by Lekker Hondje
33 Kepler by Pythius & Black Sun Empire
34 Your World by Lekker Hondje
35 Operation Rescue Me by Lekker Hondje
36 Shadow by Fred V ft. Chelsea Watts
37 Hollywood Surrender by Trei
38 Related Through The Midway by Lekker Hondje
39 Shadows by Lekker Hondje
40 Particle Radiation by Synthakt & Counterstrike
41 Ultimatum by Lekker Hondje
42 Surface Facade by Limewax
43 Particle Effects by Lekker Hondje
44 FCKN Hostile by Sinister Souls
45 Revenge (Murdock Remix) by Delta Heavy x Muzz
46 Wrongful Right by Lekker Hondje
47 I Want The Money (Lekker Hondje Remix) by Alex Parker
48 System Error by Neonlight & Hedj
49 I'm For You by Magnetude
50 Tragedy by Lekker Hondje


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