38 10 days ago
More of my own mashups mixed.


1 All My Life At Run's House (MH Mashup Short Edit) by Foo Fighters vs Run DMC
2 Try Runnin' Again (MH Mashup) by Aaliyah vs The Pharcyde
3 The Boy Is Skank (MH Mashup) by Brandy & Monica vs Funkdust
4 I Just DGAF (MH Mashup) by Jay Z vs Dua Lipa
5 Long Way 2 Go Rob (MH Mashup) by Cassie vs Rob Dougan
6 In The End You Go (MH Mashup) by Pink vs Linkin Park
7 Back To All Hang Out (MH Mashup) by Soul II Soul vs A.D.O.R
8 Protect Ya Brain (MH Mashup) by Wu-Tang Clan vs Cyprus Hill
9 Do You Wanna Touch It (MH Mashup) by C&C Music Factory vs Busta Rhymes
10 This Charming Scenario (MH Mashup) by A Tribe Called Quest vs The Smiths


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