88 one year ago
An extended centenary show featuring lots of my favourite tunes from the last 100 shows.


1 For the love by Glen Horsborough
2 Shout it back by gotsome & Alex mills
3 Hasta La manaña by Craig C
4 Mas que nada by deep melange
5 He is by sunburst band
6 Shout hallelujah by Ja’shay
7 Do you love what you feel by Dave Lee
8 So many times by Gadjo
9 So sweet by mark picchiotti
10 Never give up by David morales
11 Life is a song by David morales & Michelle perera
12 I need your lovin by Spencer morales
13 Freed up by Tonya Moore
14 Strairway to heaven by Randy Roberts
15 Are you ready by four80east
16 Finally ready by shapeshifters
17 Life is a dance floor by shapeshifters
18 The music tells me by jazzcodes
19 Never too much by Tracy Hamlin
20 Darlin darlin by thommy Davis
21 I need you lovin by Spencer morales


Alex Rossi
Alex Rossi

Congrats on 100 shows. Well done!

Matt Despilia
Matt Despilia