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Leamington Spa - United Kingdom
I am Mixik, I mix nothin but Drum n Bass, and I strictly use vinyl.
I take my DJing very seriously and want nothing more than to build a DJ career and spread the amazing music that is Drum n Bass. I have done various different types of public DJing on vinyl since learning to mix in January 2005.
From summer 2006 to summer 2007 I pretty much stopped mixing because I couldn't fit my decks where I was living at the time, since then I have never allowed myself to get into that situation as I love it far too much, it really has become my number one priority. I really hope to do a lot more performing in the future and I practise Five out of Seven days on average.

My first and second public performances were in Le Royale Night club in Banbury, Oxfordshire, on Friday June 19th and Saturday July 18 2009.  I then performed at The Coven II night club in Oxford on Saturday September 5th 2009.

Since then I didn''t get any exposure until February 2011 in Royal Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, in the form of a DJ competition run by Shredload Beatz. This was originally at Ko Ko's Night club but then moved to Kelsey's Bar. The competition has now ended and I won hands down and became a member of Shredload Beatz, acting as music organiser for the nights which were Bi-weekly. Our first night was Friday 8th April in Kelsey's. 
I used to do a radio show on until June 2012.  During this time I managed to get promoted from Radio DJ to "Music Director".

Aside from this I have DJed many many house parties and private birthday parties, in fact my first ever performance out of the bedroom was Autumn 2005 for a private birthday party in Chipping Warden village hall, and between 2009 and now I have done some underground free parties also.

My plan is to keep going full steam ahead taking any opportunity that arises to perfom and spread the DnB love, hopefully you will enjoy my mixing style and I can help the world to love this amazing music even more....

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Leamington Spa, United Kingdom

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