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Yes My People !

The May Bank Holiday is here & boy do I need it ! lol. Probably got something to do with the fact that I am a man of a certain vintage who continues to burn his candle at both ends. Glad that you enjoyed my April set but now is the time for us to move on in the harmonious and rhythmic fashion that we usually do. So what's on tonights menu i hear you ask. as per usual my answer is 'Deep vibes to reach the parts others simply do not’. Let me know how you feel ………..

Shouts To:

Bigfoot, Slasher, Dr Moloney & Wifey B, 2.0, The ‘Brighton 3’ , DJ Freedom, Addictive Solutions……APB issued by the GC is still active, Gary ‘The Machine’ Taylor and the Spaniard, Congrats on the London Marathon my man. The immortal J3…Good to see u bud and also a big one going out to DJ Danielson, Doccent, DJMUNZ, Sv3N, Chumdog, Fattiesboi, Teejam, Sv3N, DJ TerryMorgan, nuttapon121, albe66, djmappchile, blackDance also papo50, TheTrackAddict, Sinisterman35, freasy, bigmal2020 and a special shout out to DJ Ronin, Rebsie B

Big Thanks people

As always .... Nuff love to all the cast & crew of the stage we call planet Earth

Enjoy and feel free

More Beats Here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZfL-kverVux4et3kTrW4dw



This is way good


Thank you kind sir ! really appreciate you taking the time to comment