686 9 months ago
Yes My People

Back again with another selection of underground beats, Hope you’re all ok and that everything is good for you. Sorry that I am late with this one but better late than never was a phrase that was seriously coined by my mother when I was growing up so I’m going with that. Glad that you enjoyed my last mix but now it is time to get your dancing shoes on and enjoy the music in tonight’s show. What’s on tonight’s agenda …… as per usual deep vibes to reach the parts others don’t!
Shouts To:

Bigfoot, Slasher, Dr Moloney & The long suffering Wifey B, The ‘Multiplying Leswell’s’, DJ Freedom, Addictive Solutions, Gary ‘The Machine’ Taylor and the Spaniard and also a big one going out to DJ Danielson, Doccent, DJMUNZ, Sv3N, Chumdog, Fattiesboi, Teejam, Sv3N, DJ TerryMorgan and a special shout out to DJ Ronin

Always, nuff love to planet earth’s cast & crew




Love it 😀


Nice one Teejam big thanks for your support