818 5 years ago

I felt like mixing something a bit more "clubby", something a bit more dark and dirty, so I dug around in the box of tunes and came up with this. Don't let the lighter tone and breathy vocals of the opening number, "Empty Streets" by Late Night Alumni, fool you. That was a tune left over from the recent Far and Away mix but just didn't have the space for. The rest of the mix follows a darker path down the rabbit-hole, with much harder and faster beats. My favourites are: Puretone's version of "Addicted to Bass" and Pete Heller's remix of Ubu's "Pixels". Hope you like it.


1 Empty Streets by Late Night Alumni
2 Magnifique by Tedd Patterson
3 Fired Up (Club 69's Future mix) by Funky Green Dogs
4 Circus Bells (Hardfloor mix) by Robert Armani
5 If You Fall by Ad-Finem
6 Addicted to Bass (Different Gear mix) by Puretone
7 Rise 'In (Original Vocal mix) by Steve Lawler
8 Pixels (Peter Heller's Old Skool mix) by Ubu
9 Future Child by Stylus Trouble
10 Dirty by Dirty
11 Where Are You Now? (Club Vocal mix) by Miriam Project
12 Together by Artificial Funk
13 Change the World (Dino Lenny) by Dino Lenny v Housemartins



First time listener...The Love you have for the ART of MIXXING is a BLESSING to all who enjoy good music...Keep Up the GREAT MIXXES...Shout Out from DJNLV2007...Brooklyn...Coney Island...NYC...looking forward to exploring all of your downloads...Peace Out...,,,!!!


a Lot of nice music in the mix MrA.
My favourites are Late Night Alumni - Empty Streets (Love that voice !) and Funky Green Dogs - Fired Up (Club 69's Future mix).
When you have the time check my page. i would Love 2 hear what you think about my mixes.
Greetings , Erik , dj E 4 Energy.