27 12 days ago
Based on the classic double LP from the late 70’s and presented in the correct “storytelling” order, this is my “DJ Mixed” interpretation of a classic, utilising some of the original parts along with re-edits, remixes and reworks that have been done over the years. Don’t be afraid.

A Classic Transformed :
Eve of the War - Horsell Common and The Heat Ray
Artilleryman and the Fighting Machine - Forever Autumn
Thunder Child - Red Weed Part 1
The Spirit of Man - Red Weed Part 2
Artilleryman Returns - Brave New World
Dead London Part 1 - Dead London Part 2
Epilogue Part 1 - Epliogue Part 2 NASA

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1 Eve of the War by Horsell Common and The Heat Ray
2 Artilleryman and the Fighting Machine by Forever Autumn
3 Thunder Child by Red Weed Part 1
4 The Spirit of Man by Red Weed Part 2
5 Artilleryman Returns by Brave New World
6 Dead London Part 1 by Dead London Part 2
7 Epilogue Part 1 by Epliogue Part 2 NASA



Interesting concept, well done I for one enjoyed :)