490 9 years ago
Also Episode 3 of September 2006 is following the principles of  the early Trance Wars Mixes -
starting out with a slow track, picking up speed over the middle, gettin' to one or two peaks
and finally running out to cool off ! Includes the rare "Death by Chocolate Version" of Shilo's "I Really Want You"
and a special mixed didgerredoo intro for Ticon's "Ass-Tronaut" ! Don't play it to quiet !


1 Awaken (Straight Re-Dub Mix by R.I.P.) by Holmes, Ives feat. Sophie Moleta
2 Sacred Cycles (Quivver Remix) by Pete Lazonby
3 Legacy (Junkie XL Remix) by Infusion
4 Ass-Tronaut (Original Mix, Didgeredoo Opening remixed by R.I.P.) by Ticon
5 Tear For Ruth (Original Mix) by Millamber
6 Rethorical Question (Chris Micali Remix) by Habersham
7 I Really Want You (R.I.P.'s Death by Chocolate Version of the Andre Absolut Remix) by Shilo
8 Far Away (Blue Amazon Dub Mix) by Quadra
9 Effective (Nexar Remix) by Bram


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