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Do you know who Robert Royalè is? Robert Royalè Chicago — United States F.K.A. DJ Big Rub of Chicago's Warehouse Night Club. Robert was first introduced to the House music business by watching "Bam Bam" Westbrook & hanging with Chip Chip E. Eberhart's lil bro Ivan wanting in on the house scene in the mid 80's. Dwayne Woods/Earthquake Sounds would have a then pre-teen Robert assisting with putting the best sounds in the clubs around Chicago (The PowerHouse, Gallery 21). He became friends with now House legend Glenn Underground in high school & joined his House crew Ecstasy, while going to G.A. Hartman's (AKA Peace Rtg parties at his house learning how to spin on 1200's. His first studio experience was at DJ Int'l's Underground Studios with K Alexi Shelby & Joe Smooth. While in college he began DJing on WKKC's Friday Night Audio; where he met Ray Dilla, Lloyd Dev, Carl Chiill Young, Gant-Man, Bobby Q Bobby, Pink House & fam. Then Rob Thompson gave him a break at Cliff Levingston's Riviera & The Crobar would be his first club debut, before K Alexi would then bring him into The Warehouse family (opening for him on the original Sunday Service).Introducing him to Hula Mahone, Paul Johnson, Emanuel Pippin, Craig Loftis, Mike Dunn, Chicago's Djtonyt, Fast Eddie, MrLee Haggard, Armando, Tommy Thumbs, Bad Boy Bill, Jullian Jumpin' Perez, DJ Cowboy, then security Big-al From-chi & Liddell Townsell. Then Rocky Jones gave him a first; his first residency and it was Hip Hop in the Warehouse. Next was a job as the pressman for Trax Rd.s; personally pressing classics like Zig Zag, Love Ballads, The Philly Sound Collection Box sets, Joey Beltrams first domestic release & more. During this time he met Disco Diego AKA Global (James Louis Anderson & Spank Bhudda) before they shifted the Warehouse to the Prop House & he met & worked with ChicagosTightest FemaleDj Sundance in the back with the Chocalate Jocks. He also held a residency at The Clique (The Epitome/E2's), remember Silky Sundays. Later at the Convent with Mike Dunn. Cajmere purchased his first single. Nepenta Rd.s released the second (Chicken Head E.P.) Then he produced for Nike a song for now Grammy Award winner Malik Yusef (exec produced by Terry Hunter) "Game of Life" & started his own company 606 Entertainment Inc. Now he produces for TecSoul & his own label, RCM & Anika Recordings & broadcasts every Saturday on & Robert Royalè RobertRoyale'@DJ_Big_Rub87 There's more, but watch what is coming next.

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