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Port Hedland - Australia
Started DJ'ing in late teens for my work place social functions where I was an apprentice Electrician.. Moved onto DJ'ing at the local Roller skating rink which also ran discos for youth. At the same time I also worked in Radio as Breakfast announcer, and then started DJ'ing at local Pubs, Clubs and local events, and occasionally down in the city.. Had a small night club myself for a while but suffered a business setback thanks to unsavory business partner. I went back to work as an electrician as the mining industry had killed off many of the local venues to play. The mining boom had 12 hour shifts and the workers in bed by 9pm and out at 4am. No patrons to play for, and lost venues due to revenue losses from no patrons after a hard days shift. Now I only play at home parties and the occasional larger function. Self taught on home record players and then home CD players ( domestic) Learnt to bet mix on these and also had to learn to mix anything form hard rock n roll, rock to latest top 40. Dragged the locals screaming and kicking into dance in the late 80's and early 90's. When I started at the pubs it was rock with the likes of AC/DC, Doors, etc. and if you dared played Kylie Minogue you had full beer cans thrown at you. I used to DJ from on the boxing ring in the local pub and had wire mesh across the front when I first started there. Just like the Blues Brothers.( The Pier is listed in the record books as one time roughest pubs in the world).

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muncher Saturday, September 13, 2014

Thank you for the nice comment on my Getting the Girls going Mix 3 :)

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DJ Ciro
DJ Ciro Saturday, September 13, 2014

Thank you for that really nice comment on Disco Nights V - Disco. Party. People. Enjoy the mix.