455 6 years ago
This is the Set I did this weekend in Mexico!!
Aztec Contact 7.0
Special Thanks to all the people that worked hard to make this rave happen!
The crowd had lots of energy and I had a great time!!


Track List↓
★=New to KoLKaNo

1)★Okular - Black Hole (Original Mix)
2)★Interactive noise-Alí Babá
3)Bizzare Contact - One Day In Mexico (Mystical Complex Rmx V2 2016)
4)Mr. Hyde - Human Brain Capacity
5)★Uxmalize (Landex & Uniteck Remix)
6)★Saurus & Sugar Glider - Extinction
7)★Amir - Suku
8)Coming soon!!! - Parallel Universe
9)★Nadia Qualita - Dum De Dum (Original Mix)
10)★Vertical Mode - Groove Reaction (Remake)
11)Black 21 - How is Deep is Your Love (Original Mix)
12)Madness Express - The Ghost Factory
13)★Skazi & UnderCover -Aura
14)ADHD & Black 21 - F.U.C.K.I.D.E.L.I.K
15)Ruback & Skipper - Azkaban
16)Kra uterbeet & Metaprog & Mind Void - Pink Panther
17)★Aho - Gran Espiritu
18)Special M - Weedman
19)★Monik & Carroch - Lunala (Original Mix)
20)Clockwork Orange - Bipolar Freq (Original Mix)
21)Noize Method - Black Dawn (Original Mix)
22)★Spiritual Mode - Universe Inside You
23)★Saivor & Meis - Was a lie
24)Infected Mushroom - Smashing the Opponent ( Who Knows Remix)
25)Dang3r, Dsuris & Freak Out - Can you hear it (Original Mix)
26)★Modus x Sawlead Ground - Exposed (Original Mix)
27)Doktor Froid - Alcohol Drugs (Original Mix)

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