706 6 years ago
Here is another mix from a little (long) session yesterday :) 
The part around 30 minutes has a mistakes but  maybe no one will notice it. :D I think all in all it's kinda nice and a little bit trippy  and spacy. 

Leave a comment! Would love to hear your opinion! 


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1 Kmmk (Original Mix) by Lake People
2 Metaphysical (Orsen Remix) by Biologik
3 Shadows Of Rigadon (Original Mix) by Edu Imbernon, Los Suruba
4 No One Gets Left Behind (Nicolas Rada Remix) by Dj Yellow & Flowers And Sea Creatures
5 The Moment (Soul Button Remix) by Habischman
6 Time Travel (Original Mix) by Arno
7 Moonspell (Original Mix) by Henry Saiz
8 deep Reveal (Original Mix) by re
9 Noxe (Original Mix) by Innellea
10 Colante (Nick Devon Remix) by Innellea
11 Galagant (Dahu Remix) by Innellea
12 Lucero Del Alba (Original Mix) by Henry Saiz
13 Saladin (Original Mix) by Innellea
14 Looking For (Adana Twins Remix) by Flow Zeo
15 Another Earth (Original Mix) by Tale Of Us
16 Una Pena (Original Mix) by Stimming
17 Sing To The Moon (Moosefly Me To The Moon Edit) by Laura Mvula
18 Darkness (Original Mix) by Mollono.Bass feat. Monolink & Seth Schwarz
19 Walking in the Shadow (Original Mix) by Jonas Saalbach & Tschoris
20 Moon Observations (Henry Saiz Remix) by David Douglas
21 Moonface (Original mix) by Noa Romana & Deersky
22 Psycho Kinetic Moon (Hypnotic Duo Remix) by Fady Ferraye
23 The Moon's Endless Vapour (Schwirrlichts_Cat MashUp) by Aleah