1023 9 years ago

Tagging this Darkstep, but it's a fair mashup of techstep, neurofunk, skullstep, hardcore/crossbreed and industrial.  It's dark, it's heavy, it's violent and aggressive, perfect horror movie music! 

V2 of the mix! Two tracks didn't fit, and taking out one near the end totally messed with the dynamics, so I cut it down by 4 tracks and it's now just over 29 minutes long!

Good luck everyone!


1 The Devil's Incantation by D-Kontrol
2 The Dead Rise by Technical Itch
3 Undead by Mastif feat. Core
4 Ave Satanis by Zubcore
5 Vampire Eyes by John B
6 Kingston Vampires by DJ Fresh + Pendulum
7 Evil Inside by Necron99
8 Killsound (Tech Itch Steppa VIP) by Gein + Jakes
9 Black Swarm (Death is Warm) by The Upbeats
10 Slave to Evil by wumpscut
11 Banshee by Gancher + Ruin + D-Light
12 Seven Days of Death by Gasmask 71


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