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SGH - Germany
From the main stage to the underground and back in the days. Captivated by the invisible force of music and the magnificent thought that the right track dropped at the right time can change it all I started to compile my own music discs. The first DJ-Sets came up back in 2009 on my home computer. They were followed by some live gigs at family gatherings and smaller events. Since then I’m searching 24/7 – true to the motto music is essential like the air to breathe – for the highlights in electronic music regardless of genre, artist and age. Like an acoustic journey, from the main stage to the underground and back in the days. Music has no boundaries. Music is able to express things we can not put into words. It helps us to celebrate life and let all those special moments never slip out of our memory. It helps us to mourn and fade out all the sorrow in a melancholic world which let us never loose our faith for tomorrow. Closing our eyes we can feel how influenced our heart is by the BPM we hear and in what special way it controls our mood leaving us smiling or crying. The invisible force of music. Can you feel it too? Come follow me…… .

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Hit-Girl Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Hey, saw you on Livingelectro.