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Perth - Australia

Being introduced to music from a young age during a time when pirate radio was at it's peak in Ireland and a selection of dance-based styles were popular, I was exposed to the more accessible, commercial side of dance. At the age of about 13 I began to sift through this sea of nonsense eventually arriving to the conclusion that I preferred things deep, techy & funky for good measure!
At 14 I landed a spot on a local dance-based radio station - ABC Power 104 - and learned my craft from a team of dedicated, talented & well-informed crew that were eager to pass on their knowledge & skills to young, enthusiastic up & coming DJs who had that glint in their eye & showed a bit of potential.....Sadly, some years later, the station was disbanded due to an unsuccessful license application attempt and the radio days were over for a time to follow.
Having taken time out for college some years later I made a return to the scene broadcasting house-based dance shows on various internet stations and also featuring as regular guest mixer on the 'Vinyl Sessions' with Andy Mac on Beat 102 103 (who I had worked with on the former ABC Power 104).
Although never taking my eye off the ball while away from the scene, picking up where I left off was simply not an option...."In only a handful of years the scene has progressed far greater & faster than anyone could have predicted say, 10 years ago. Choosing to embrace, rather than reject, everything new technology has to offer in order to help you do your thing is the best way forward'.......Enhancing my mixing style by incorporating a hybrid of software/analogue equipment into the set allows the modern DJ to stay up to date and on top of the game.
Experimenting with different production tools ensures there's never room for boredom in the studio. Exposure to a lot of different UK & US-based styles over three decades also influences creativity during a lengthy studio 'lock-in'!

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