Hannover - Germany
Christian H., aka Terry Claim, was born in Hannover/Germany,
in 1982 and fell in love with Electronic Music in the middle of the 90's already.
Tunes at that time by Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, U96, Marusha, Westbam, Moby or Mark 'Oh
for instance were permanently played around the clock
and caused a beautiful personal infection with this quite new kind of music.

Quite quickly he explored and understood that those "Tracks" are mixable and
began to follow and record lots of radio shows like HR Clubnight or EinsLive Party Service on tapes
which were available at that time. The result of his increased mixtape collection gradually was:

"I want to spin records and vinyls, too!"

As a pupil in 10th class he could not afford 2 turntables and a mixer but purely by chance
he got the first edition of the nowadays well-liked DJ-Software "Traktor".
So he began to establish first mixing skills in digital way.

His increased knowledge of digital Djing and beat matching should not be enough by far,
so he ordered analog equipment in the middle of 2004.

After nearly one year he also mastered spinning vinyl and his enthusiasm and record collection grew more and more.
At that time he visited festivals like Time Warp, Mayday and lots of local events and he began to dream of mixing in front of crowds.

As he started to study in the end of 2008 he had to reduce massively his lovely vinyl purchases
and went back to the digital world of mixing with a heavy heart. Nowadays he uses "Traktor Pro 2" with controllers.
In 2010 he joined a DJ-Contest of the internet channel "phono.fm" with a lot of elation and won it.

The result was his own weekly radio show on that channel and in October 2010
he started his show "Terry's Favorite Mixture" for the first time until May 2012.

Meanwhile he is a radio host again on "dishfm.de".
Every Wednesday from 8:00 pm (CET Berlin) he mixes his newest and best Deep, Tech & Progressive House in his show “tIEFENfREQUENZ”.
Sometimes he patterns his show with Chillout, Ambient, Downtempo & Trip Hop Sounds.

Gradually he fills club-audiences with sound.
Gigs in Berlin and Hannover in 2011 and 2012 encouraged him to look in his DJ-future opimistically,
eagerly and confidently.

On a private open air party in Hannover (August 2012) which was organized by his good friend J. Househahn
he enchanted the insatiably crowd with heavy techno sounds for lots of hours.
A few days later he rocked the "Tunnelblick" event in Hannover with his friend.
After getting a booking he played fervently and with a lot of fun at "Hoerkultur Hannover" in November 2012.
The result of this gig was a rebooking by the "Hoerkultur".
So he fully enjoyed playing another night in the Underground Club in Hannover.

Gigs followed then as you can see in his depicted list of references.
He is very happy and proud that his style of sound receives respect and recognition and he is looking forward to new gigs in 2015 and 2016.

His preferences in electronic music are widespread. Initially he favoured Trance and Techno.
Meanwhile he prefers Deep House, Tech House & Progressive House and he still likes playing Techno.
By now he tries to combine House with Techno.

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