25 11 months ago
Aired 01.12.21..


1 Pearl Drop (Bryan Kearney Edit/TC Intro Edit) [CDR] by Mark Leanings vs Bryan Kearney vs Johnny Shaker
2 Golden Hour (Extended Club Mix) [VII] by Simon Patterson & Will Atkinson
3 B3 (Believe In You) (Extended Mix) [Outburst] by Scot Project
4 Stomp (Extended Mix) [WAO138?!] by Paul Denton
5 The Man From Earth (Extended Mix) [Outburst] by Peetu S
6 Apache (John O'Callaghan Remix) [Subculture] by Starfighter
7 The Power (Extended Mix) [Techburst] by Darmec
8 Ego Death (Extended Mix) [Kinected] by Pete Delete & Blashear
9 Raver's High (Extended Mix) [State Control] by Peetu S
10 Matriarch (Extended Mix) [Blacknet] by Shugz
11 Hallucinate (Extended Mix) [HTE] by Yusef Kifah
12 Turn Up the Bass (Extended Mix) [Techburst] by The Obsessed
13 Fatality (Original Mix) [Perfecto Fluoro] by Harmonic Rush


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