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Other Melodic
20-12-2022 The Joy Of Bass


1 Black by Mark Höffen
2 Walk on Water by Alfonso Muchacho, Matias Chilano
3 Try (Original Mix) by David Museen, Erik Christiansen
4 Milky Way by Cosmonaut
5 Epiphany Engineering by Enamour
6 Avalon (Extended Mix) by Milkwish
7 The Temper Trap Sweet Disposition (Mees Salomé Distant Edit) by The Temper Trap, Mees Salomé
8 Temperament Of The Beat by CamelPhat, Cari Golden
9 Come Closer Girl by Alegant
10 Ally of the Good by Daniel Portman
11 Better Together (Original Mix) by Stephan Jolk
12 Dances with Wolves (Chus & Ceballos Remix) by CASSIMM
13 Magnetics by Lampe
14 Medications (Original Mix) by Mauro Masi
15 Borealis (Original Mix) by Hicky & Kalo
16 Running (feat. Meg Myers) (Original Mix) by Anyma feat. Meg Myers
17 Back To The Roots (Extended Mix) by Makebo & Amonita
18 Monas Theme (Test Bounce) by Vincent Price
19 Dew (Weekend Heroes Remix) by Kamilo Sanclemente
20 Blocks (Original Mix) by Sebastian Haas
21 Failed by Vincent Price
22 Fireglow by James Harcourt
23 Paul by NTO
24 Hydra by Rodriguez Jr.
25 Dragonfly (Original Mix) by Einmusik


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