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Bpm : 125.0

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1 Speechless (Original Mix) by Raytek
2 In Off Of You (Original Mix) by Alberto Segador
3 Imaganta (Original Mix) by Drumworks
4 Quick Combination (Original Mix) by Hollen, The YellowHeads
5 Heatwave (Original Mix) by Cozzy D
6 Way Out (Original Mix) by Jiggler
7 Horns & Hats (Original Mix) by Kinnerman
8 Straight (Original Mix) by Koen Groeneveld
9 Speak (Original Mix) by Roberto Palmero
10 About This (Original Mix) by Solc, Am Cla
11 Some Kind Of Way (Original Mix) by Raytek
12 Fire (Original Mix) by Raffa FL, Riccardo De Polo
13 Dominator (Original Mix) by Kinnerman
14 Who Really Knows (Ruben Mandolini Remix) by LucaJLove, BRADII
15 Techno Tourist (Original Mix) by Mikalogic
16 Stranger Than Paradise (Original Mix) by Mario Ochoa
17 Studio Stage (Original Mix) by Roberto Palmero
18 Floating Away (Rasi Z Remix) by Lessovsky


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