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paris - France
"Making artists play together on a same track who would had never met otherwise." House is this strange cooking of different flavours, able to make Loleatta Holloway sing on strings loop from Tchaïkovski's Concerto N°1, backed by the "Let no man put asunder" bassline from First Choice and the "Let's all chant" disco beat from Michael Zager Band. And it works. Bon appétit ! Back to 88, when I've discovered House music, with the first british House tracks (Beatmasters, S-Express...) made with sampling technique, followed by the brillant 90's Garage productions by the late Godfather Frankie Knuckles. A golden era. All those pionneers have built my inspiration. That's the reason why my tracks mix Garage harmonies with sampling collage coming from my collection of oldies and classic records (disco, funk, soul, classical music, etc.)

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