232 2 years ago
Dub Time in volume 11 brings Shannon, Dido, Whitney Houston...


1 Let The Music Play (Full Intention Dub Mix) 126.0 by Shannon
2 Here With Me (Parks & Wilson Homeyard Dub Edit) 128.0 by Dido
3 Rapture (Deep Dish Miami Dub) 128.0 by Iio
4 Love That Man (Pound Boys Love That Dub) 128.2 by Whitney Houston
5 Thunder In My Heart (Starlet DJ's Dub Mix) 129.0 by Meck Feat Leo Sayer
6 Pure Pleasure Seeker (Oscar G's Cuba Libre Dub) 129.0 by Moloko
7 Bottles & Cans (Guido Osorio Dub Mix #1) 130.0 by Angie Stone
8 The Call (Thunderdub) 130.0 by Backstreet Boys
9 Can't Get You Out Of My Head (Deluxe's Dirty Dub) 130.0 by Kylie Minogue
10 Crystal (Digweed & Muir Bedrock Dub) 132.0 by New Order
11 Intuition (Gabriel & Dresden LoTek Analog Dub) 134.0 by Jewel
12 Overprotected (JS16 Dub) 136.0 by Britney Spears



great mix!