133 5 months ago

cd quality mix of cosmic house music, tuned to 432hz for maximum harmonic vibration.
mixed with love x

1 Don't Wanna (Original Mix) CRAVEL (Elio Caravello)
2 Le Dome (Original Mix) Mijangos, Peppe Citarella      
3 Give Me Some Time (Original Mix) Sebb Junior     
4 We Were So Good Loulou Players, Julio Garcia      
5 Save Your Life (Original Mix) Addict Disc      
6 All About House (Original) James Silk      
7 Get Ya Feelin' (Original Mix) Turntables Night Fever      
8 My Soul (Original Mix) Lefrak      
9 Through My Mind Hotswing      
10 La La La (Extended Mix) PvssyCat, Ascari, Marvin Aloys      
11 One Dance (Mattei & Omich Remix) Hyslop      
12 My Possesions George Cynnamon


1 CRAVEL (Elio Caravello) by Don't Wanna (Original Mix)
2 Mijangos, Peppe Citarella by Le Dome (Original Mix)
3 Sebb Junior by Give Me Some Time (Original Mix)
4 Loulou Players, Julio Garcia by We Were So Good
5 Addict Disc by Save Your Life (Original Mix)
6 James Silk by All About House (Original)
7 Turntables Night Fever by Get Ya Feelin' (Original Mix)
8 Lefrak by My Soul (Original Mix)
9 Hotswing by Through My Mind
10 PvssyCat, Ascari, Marvin Aloys by La La La (Extended Mix)
11 Hyslop by One Dance (Mattei & Omich Remix)
12 George Cynnamon by My Possesions


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