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DJ MIGHTY MIKE SAGA // // // Philadelphia PA Pointless Stuff to make you think Im Cool ... When one or Many think of INDUSTRIAL / DRUM N BASS / HOUSE etc.. in Philadelphia all know this name ... "mighty Mike Saga" a minor Nudge in the Philadelphia Electronic Music / Industrial Scene. Responsible for the brand of event "I LOVE INDUSTRIAL " and Various other EDM / Industrial Fusion events. ( Dude Mike Saga has a Giant 4 foot by 5 foot Sign of his Logo made out of diamond Plate metal and wood with lights and shit coming out of it that sits on a speaker stand that looks similar to a harley davidson logo! Thats how serious this guy is. ) Bio ... At the wee age of 2 years old Mighty Mike Saga began spinning records on a PlaySkool stereophonic hi fi record player with an Old Radio Shack Mixer to fuse his favorite Sesame Street and Muppet songs together in harmony. Those days have long passed and he now galavants across the country in 2 different music scenes you know and love ..The Rave scene & the Goth/Industrial scene. ( *fine print: first statement in bio is not accurate or true*) More Stuff... With a dj schedule spanning all over the United states and Beyond spinning out 4 to 5 times a month it may just be clear his mediocre brand of dj skills are in Demand. Maybe if Facebook didnt suck with showing what events im playing at youd see that. Any way's Just like a Cracker Jack prize, you may not know what youll get when you see him spin. But one thing will be certain he will have you in a sweaty mess with your make up running down your beak. Thats a promise you FREAK. Bios are stupid! They try to convince you "the reader" on something you havnt seen yet ! Are you still reading? Wow! I Mike Saga hate writing about my self so i got a crack head off the street to write most of it for me! You think im kidding? Seriously I went out side in my neighborhood of Fishtown in Philadelphia Pennsylvania and offered this guy 50 cents to write it and he was like Dude! Really ? 50 cents to type a few words about you? And i was like fuck yeah! He was like " i dont even know you other than pissing behind your house occasionally" Anyways to help sweeten the deal i threw in a used condom! He was totally into it ! Its a amazing what people will do for a used condom these days. Oh i should mention I like drinking Captain Morgan's Rum and Coors light! Im not like all you soFistiCated pre-madonna dj's that have to have "fancy" mixed Drinks. Oh shit i have to go! Looks like Pee Wee herman, Darth Vader and a StormTrooper and the Ultimate Warrior just came by in a Flying Car to Pick me up! Peace! ( fine print: AGAIN statements in bio are not accurate or true)

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