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1 Cellar Door by Anti-P.L.U.R
2 Tribunal by Carara
3 Acid Alarm by Fabrice Torricella
4 The Truth by Daitack
5 Untitled 2 by Coyu & Gotshell
6 Muggles by Arnaud Le Texier
7 Anticipated Revenge (Way 34) by 14anger
8 Occult Sacrifice by Duellist
9 Death Penalty (feat. Whøman) by Ogmah
10 Oxygen 20 (Felix Wehden Remix) by Kai Pattenberg
11 Grounded by MarAxe
12 Polyxena by Nicola Virnicchi
13 Dragon Dive by Myka
14 666 (Dope Amine Remix) by Qual & Freude
15 Mechanical Torture by Vishscale
16 Devil Doesn't Sleep by Axel Picodot
17 You Roks by Brayan Valenzuela
18 Gwairoch by Don Woezik
19 Pain by SWART
20 Dying on the Dancefloor by Sandro Muré
21 Welcome To The Hell Floor by Roman Vuagnoux
22 Beautiful Thing by EAS
23 Ahegao by MORSURE
24 Right Time (Schiere Remix) by I-K-O & Phyter
25 Succession by Krachkonvolut x Stromtod
26 Gegen Polizeigewalt by Hybral
27 Bodhisattva by Ayako Mori
28 Narrative by D.N.P
29 Follow The Rabbit by Mzperx
30 Lost In Time by Pitch! & V.O.Y
31 L'etoile Noir (Moritz Echsler Remix) by Vinka Wydro
32 Grandma, I Would Have Killed 4u by Black Virgin
33 Maastricht Hooligans by Hush & Sleep
34 Nasty Niche by PVR (ARG)
35 Amicable by Stan Christ
36 Look Into Your Soul (PVR ARG Remix) by Ryuk (ARG)
37 Sword Of The Necromancer by Vendex
38 Raising Hate by Evis May
39 Into The Dark by Neagles
40 Only Destruction by CODED
41 It's Like That by The Prophet
42 Trapped In Time by Mental Dystopia
43 Croaking Screams by Kokko
44 End by VII Circle
45 Anna Lise by L'Art Cene
46 Electric Storm by Sam C


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