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Techno Hardcore
So happy you are here


1 Verge by Sciahri
2 Mirror Ball Fantasies (For Eie) by The Empire Line
3 Fuck All You Mother Fuckers by Joey Beltram
4 I’m Not Trying To Help by Ayarcana
5 King Of The Sewers by Dax J & UVB
6 Ice Cold Sonata by Eas
7 Raw (Huren Remix) by Q’le
8 Glass Burnt Black by 14anger & Dep Affect
9 Vicarious (Yannick Tella Remix) by Champas
10 Vomit by EYRIS
11 Hate After Midnight (Manni Dee Remix) by Hadone
12 Ignorant Irony (UVB Remix) by Keepsakes
13 Six Feet Chain by Mickey Nox
14 Portæ Inferni by SÆDEM
15 Venom by Cristian Glitch & Shadym
16 Insidious Chamber by Duellist & iFormat
17 Clean Cuts by Rotor Militia
18 Land Of The Lost by Buried Secrets
19 Tiger & Witch by Endlec
20 Lethal Storm by SNTS
21 Collateral Damage by SNTS
22 Impending Doom by Marc Acardipane
23 Tentack Two by Imminent Starvation
24 An Empire Of Shadows by Savage Cult
25 The Shadow (AFFLICTED Remix) by B.Bone
26 Proxima by DWAM
27 Tainted Blood by Marc Acardipane
28 Victory Makes History by SNTS
29 Take Shelter by Benn-X
30 Extinction by Non Reversible
31 The Jötunn by HELLBOUND!
32 Sleep by Mindwalker
33 Hell On Paradise by Vendex
34 Gletscherschmelze by Enkō
35 AtmosFear (Andreas Kraemer & Shadym Remix) by The Mover & Rave Creator
36 The Scriptures Of Life by Vishscale
37 The Last Ones by New Frames


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